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This Sunday June 23 sees the launch of the promotional campaign for the independent film “Charlie Gorman’s Wake” at The Old Dublin pub on Quinnipiac Street in Wallingford, Connecticut. “Charlie Gorman’s Wake” was written by the owner of The Old Dublin, Paul Pender. It is an independent feature film adaptation of the play of the same name he wrote which was performed in January of this year to rave reviews. The film is being co-directed by Paul Pender and Katie Morris, both of whom will also act in the movie. “Charlie Gorman’s Wake” is being produced by local Filmmaker and Producer Adrian Nieves who has been involved in the project since September of 2012. Director of Photography Simon O’Reilly has also been involved in planning the film since the beginning. The cast with the exception of a few new faces is drawn from the cast of the play.

Sunday’s launch will include the screening of a promotional film that was shot on location in Wallingford, Connecticut and the official launch of the website which will be used primarily as a fundraising tool and information portal. The short film is intended to show how the movie will look and feel and also includes a documentary and interviews with the cast and directors. The directors, producer and director of photography will be on hand to talk about the film, field questions from guests and explain how they intend to fund the movie.

“Charlie Gorman’s Wake” is packed with the irreverent humor, lively dialogue and deep sentiment customary in an Irish Comedy. Set in the sleepy County Kildare village of Ballycarraig, the film tells the story of friendship among the patrons of Gorman’s Bar. Everyday customer Charlie Gorman arrives at the bar each morning when it opens and considers the bar an extension of his home. The patrons are close friends of the owner Ossie Gorman and represent a typical crew of comedic Irish pub characters. They enjoy nothing more than a “good slagging” and relish every opportunity to rag on each other. Despite being a little simple or “harmless”, Charlie is welcomed by the regulars who show a great deal of kindness toward him and consider him one of their own. Charlie and the other inhabitants  of Gorman’s Pub are relentlessly funny and always entertaining.