Sunday, April 24 at 6 PM
Music Night Fundraiser for Charlie Gorman’s Wake
Location: AOH Meriden, 71 Melville Ave, Meriden, CT

We need to raise some more money to get our movie finished so on Sunday April 24th we will have a great night of entertainment with music by the lovely Liz McNicholl, Mark James and Paul Pender- with special guest Jon Leone singing some of his old Irish favorites and Steve Ross on Bouzouki and Mandolin. Liz, Mark and Paul will do a few together at the end of the show. There will be a raffle and full cash bar. Watch our facebook page for more info.

Hello Everyone.

Welcome to Charlie Gorman’s Wake: The Movie.  Charlie Gorman’s Wake is based on the play of the same name written by Paul Pender.  The play premiered at The Old Dublin pub in Wallingford, CT in June 2012 to rave reviews.  We’re now seeking financing for the film and need your help!  By purchasing one of the packages available on the site you’re helping us to bring this labor of love to life.  There are options of all shapes and size that will suit any budget and we thank all of you that have already pledged as well as those who want to help.


Making a feature film is an expensive proposition even when everybody involved is doing it just for the love of it. Expenses such as travel, purchase and rental of equipment, wardrobe and craft services along with additional production and post-production costs soak up budgets very quickly. We manufacture our own equipment when possible to cut down on expenses but there are many occasions where most economical choice is to buy or rent if we can. Every penny we raise is going toward making this film the best we can make it. You can make a contribution here or from the selections on the sidebar throughout the site.

Film Synopsis

Charlie Gorman’s Wake is a feature length film adaptation of a play written by Paul Pender.  The play was performed in June 2012 at The Old Dublin in Wallingford, CT where we plan to film a lot of the interiors for the film. Charlie Gorman’s Wake is packed with the irreverent humor, lively dialogue and deep sentiment customary in an Irish Comedy. Set in the sleepy County Kildare village of Ballycarraig, the film tells the story of friendship among the patrons of Gorman’s Bar. Everyday customer Charlie Gorman arrives at the bar each morning when it opens and considers the bar an extension of his home. The patrons are close friends of the owner Ossie Gorman and represent a typical crew of comedic Irish pub characters. They enjoy nothing more than a “good slagging” and relish every opportunity to rag on each other. Despite being a little simple or “harmless”, Charlie is welcomed by the regulars who show a great deal of kindness toward him and consider him one of their own. Charlie and the other inhabitants of Gorman’s Pub are relentlessly funny and always entertaining.

In the play we were limited in our ability to fully develop each character. In the film however we’ll be able to explore their relationships in greater depth.  For example, the romance between Ossie and Rose which is merely implied in the play will blossom into a full-blown love story.  There are also new scenes that dive deeper into the bald-faced comedy between pub regulars.

Thank You

On behalf of all of us who are working so hard to make this film a great success, we would like to thank all of you who have believed in us from the start. Thank you to all our patrons and donors and a special thank you to our families who give us the time, love and support to be able to make this film.